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The industry is constantly changing, and porn is becoming less in the spotlight and the demand for story and unique characters for many people are hitting our screens. Hentai is starting to steal the spotlight, or anime porn, though the term covers a wide variety of sub-genres it's hard to pin down just one most popular piece of hentai.

Hentai is versatile, many popular characters are featured in many hentai CG's, movies, games, and videos. Some of the popular ones include sailor moon, dragon ball z, final fantasy hentai, Naruto, bleach, pokemon, and so much more. Though it doesn't end there, hentai is alive all on its own with series and episodes that are completely unique and created for the sole purpose of being a hentai. Though there are many sub-genres including magical girl, tentacle, fantasy, girl on girl, guy on guy, and even mech series with heavy hentai. Some series will have more hentai than others, as some are made to showcase erotic fantasies, and others are meant to just be very, very adult animes.

Hentai, though it is not called that in Japan, has an extreme following, covering almost 40% of book sales in mainland Japan while regular anime only takes up 25% of sales it has some controversial forms that many people have a hard time getting passed, some of these examples is a very popular strain or rape-orientated hentai on places such as public trains and other locations (like bathrooms.)

Though it has its negative moments many other strings of hentai give situations we can only experience in our dreams, including laying with the princess after slaying a dragon, or having to erotically defeat a witch to save a harem of women. Regardless of how the story unfolds it allows people to put themselves in the shoes of the hero instead of just watching two people mash together until they find relief.

Hentai is often accused of dwelling on sexual fetishes, though as I said there are many sub-genres in this niche, and many of those have another sub-genre as well. The list goes on and only seems to get bigger with each passing year, though once you find your favorite it's easy to memorize a few that you will find most of your interest in.

Many of the hentai's will depict women being submissive to males, though there is some exceptions the different cultures often dictate this and the masculinity and sexuality is where much of this is rooted in, even women in futanari (women with male genitalia) will find themselves commonly being submissive to men. Yonekura Kengo has work that involves the empowerment of women and dominance over males, and this is only one of a few others who do this. There are also situations where males are submissive to other males, and sometimes males aren't involved at all in Yuri which is always female on female. Though ironically enough, the male version of this, yaoi, is often directed at women. 


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